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The Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) is an organisation operating worldwide to promote artistic exchange and dialogue between civil societies and to provide information about foreign cultural policy.

As the leading German institution for international cultural exchange, the ifa devises and organises German contemporary art exhibitions worldwide. We fund artists' exhibition projects and award scholarships; the ifa galleries in Stuttgart and Berlin show and mediate contemporary art, architecture and design from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. People from different cultures come together in exchange programmes and international conferences for supporting civil conflict resolutions and its transformation. Special media programmes enables to support the development of civil societal structures, particularly in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe.


Emphasis of the ifa lies on:


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German as a foreign language

intercultural dialogue

zivik – civil conflict resolution

integration and media

junik – youth in international context

journal Kulturaustausch


The ifa is supported financial by the Federal Foreign Office, the State of Baden-Wurttemberg and its capital, the City of Stuttgart. The ifa is also active in a wide variety of projects in cooperation with foundations and other civil society organisations both nationally and internationally.


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