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Teaching and Learning Materials


The importance of good teaching materials for German lessons cannot be underestimated. They should convey a lively picture of the country and help students to 'experience' the language at first hand.

'Deutsche Kultur International' has copious information about the materials available and which organisations supply them.


You don't have the opportunity to attend a language course? We put together the information on distance learning German courses including useful accompanying materials.


Teaching Materials for German as a Foreign Language (DaF)

Materials on Methods and Didactics, on Specific Themes and Language Course Materials

Extensive online materials for self-study, students and teachers are available from the Goethe-Institute (GI).

Didactical teaching material about German language study, applied geography and literature is with costs and can be ordered online. These books, brochures, CDs, video- and audio-cassettes have been developed for a range of different target groups and levels of ability. Furthermore there is the opportunity to order documentaries and feature films from the film catalogue of the Goethe-Institute.

Libraries with Media for Loan

The libraries of the Goethe-Institutes in Germany and abroad are well stocked with German-language materials. Some libraries also offer an online search facility.




Distance Learning Language Courses

Multimedia Learning Programmes

Redaktion-D offers German language courses for beginners using the internet, TV or radio.



CD-ROM-Language Course

The distance learning course Lina und Leo - a CD-ROM-language course for beginners - is related to the content of Goethe-Institute´s basic level 1 and 2 courses.

Internet Courses

You can learn German online. A whole variety of courses and exercises are available. Further details see Deutsche Kultur International at: German language - German language in the internet.


Additional Offers of Goethe Institute

In addition to supervised correspondence courses, the Goethe Institut has offers all over the world to provide contact with German language and culture.


German Literature for Schools, Colleges and Academics

Book- and Mediaservice

The Goethe-Institute provides schools, pedagogic university, DAAD Lectures and teachers’ training institution (pedagogic university) abroad a basic holdings for their libraries.

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