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Dance is one of the oldest manifestations of human culture and from time immemorial has been a way for different peoples to discover and express their own identity. Thus dance is also an ideal way for us to learn about other cultures and to come to understand them.


Support of Tours Abroad

German Artists Abroad

The Goethe Institute sends theatre and dance-theatre groups both from the professional field and the amateur and budding sector on tours abroad. In addition it connects guest-directors and guest-choreographers and assists local projects abroad through planning and financial support. The promotion is a key feature of cultural programme work of the Federal Foreign Office.

Further information at the Goethe Institutes on site as well as the Support and Funding for the Performing Arts of the Goethe Institute.

Junior Staff Promotion for German Artists

The Goethe Institute supports guest performances, tours abroad and exchange projects of German students and amateurs, including projects organised by related educational institutions and young professionals.

Further information at the Goethe Institute Munich as well as the Support and Funding for the Performing Arts of the Goethe Institute.

Guest Performance Tours of Foreign Artist in Germany

The Goethe Institute coordinates guest performances of professional theatre and dance ensembles from development and transformation countries in Germany. Performances in several places in Germany are desirable. In general, the Goethe Institute grants travel allowances and transport subsidies.

Further information at the Goethe Institute Munich.

Support of Exchange Programmes

Guest Programme for Artists from Abroad

The Goethe Institute and the International Theatre Institute offers a jointly conduct Guest Programme for young foreign artists in the field of dance. For the time of three months they are working at the stages of the Federal Republic of Germany and become acquainted with the production conditions and the conception and rehearsal process of at least one production.

Exchange Programme for German and French Cultural Institutions

In order to foster common cultural projects such as film festivals, theater productions, and exhibitions featuring artists between German and French institutions the Robert Bosch Foundation initiates the funding programme DUO. During one year, two cultural institutions work together in tandem, and have the opportunity to send an employee to the partner institution during two to four weeks. The exchange is funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation. The participants should benefit from the stay by getting to know the partner institution’s conceptual policy, their program planning, and work approach, and by identifying synergistic effects.

International Theatre Partnerships

The Federal Cultural Foundation's Fund Wanderlust awards funding to German municipal and state theatres which would like to establish long-term partnerships with foreign theatres. The goal of the fund is to support partnerships in their entirety, those that involve the exchange of artistic personnel, reciprocal guest performances and joint theatre productions.

Project Support of the EU

The European Union supports in line with the Programme Culture 2007-2013 perennial cooperation projects between cultural institutions from different countries. It offers assistance possibilities for all cultural sectors and for all kinds of cultural actors.

Further information in the Programme Guide.

Partnerships between Dance Institutions and Schools

TANZFONDS PARTNER funds the cooperation of one dance institution – company, dance venues or choreographic centre – and one school. Such a format will forge particularly close links between the partners involved. The partners will ideally create a co-operative alliance that will continue once the initial funding period has ended.

Aim of the founding is to integrate dance into the partner schools over the long terms. So it will become a natural part of everyday life at the schools beside other art forms.


Project Support of Federal Cultural Foundation

The Federal Cultural Foundation has made cultural relations between Germany and African countries the theme of the new international programme TURN - Fund for German-African Cooperation. The programme started with a two-year fund to promote artistic exchange and cooperation between artists and institutions from Germany and African countries. The main objective of the programme is to provide incentives to German institutions and artists (museums, theatres, dance companies, art association, composers, writers, publishers, etc.) to broaden their profiles with new themes, working methods and perspectives.

Support Programmes for Artist in the Field of Dance

Funding Programmes of the DAAD

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) promotes with following programmes for dancers and artists free artistic development. For a certain period of time their life and work at appointed places is supported.

The Berlin Artists-in-Residence Programme is one of the most renowned international programmes offering grants in the fields of visual art, literature, music and film. Each year, some 20 grants are awarded to international artists for approximately a one-year stay in Berlin.

The Künstlerhaus Lukas sees itself as a place for artistic work and for international meeting and encounter for professional artists from the disciplines fine arts, literature, dance and music. The international context focuses on the Baltic littoral states.

For particularly well-qualified German students, post-graduate and post-doctoral scholarships in special-field of dance the DAAD offers a number of scholarships and grants.

Solitude Residence Programme

The Akademie Schloss Solitude promotes with its scholarship programmes mainly younger, particularly gifted international artists from the disciplines architecture, visual art, performing art, design, literature, music/sound, video/film/new media.

Application forms and further information at

Additional Sources of Support

Further promotion possibilities are in the feature study for students and academic for graduates and scientists.

Worth Knowing about the Field Dance

Libraries/Data Bases

The virtual professional library media, stage, film offers research in various library catalogues, article databases and internet sites to the issue dance.

The library of the university Frankfurt supervises the special collections theatre studies embracing monographs, magazines, microfilm and matters like theatre programmes and stage manuscripts published beyond the booktrade. The theatre studies include the subdomains music theatre, ballet, pantomime and figure theatre in all variations.

The Library Service Centre Baden-Württemberg offers a web directory for public internet supply in the field dance.

The Internet page 50 Choreographers of Contemporary Dance of the Goethe Institute presents in 50 portraits important representatives of contemporary dance in Germany. In addition to biographical details, each portrait includes a statement from the choreographer on his/her work and the assessment of a journalist, expert in theatre and dance. It concludes with a list of productions with the corresponding contact addresses.

The Goethe Institute’s dance section offers further information in the field dance.

Events in Germany

In the worldwide net of the Goethe Institutes there are events organised not only important for Germany but also take place in Germany. An overview provides the calender of events of the Goethe Institute.

The House of World Cultures is a place for international contemporary arts and a forum for current developments and discourse. Visual arts, music, literature, performing arts, film, academic discussions and digital media are all linked in an interdisciplinary programme that is unique in Europe. In cooperation with artists and experts, it offers visitors opportunities to grapple with the conflicts, challenges and questions of our time.

The Kulturportal Deutschland informs about German and European cultural projects and offers a database with the topical events can be called up.

Scholarships for Drama and Dance Projects - Frequently Asked Questions

The Goethe Institute arranges the answers of the important questions at its internet page.

Additional Addresses

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